FBA & PBSP Forms

Functional Behavior Assessment Consent

Functional Behavior Assessment

Positive Behavior Support Plan (PBSP) Forms

FBA and PBSP Rubrics

These tools were developed by Abbey Mix, Kent ISD, Shannon Shy, Livingston ESA, and Renee Thelen, Ionia County ISD, and can be used to assess the quality of an FBA and PBSP.

Rubrics are an effective way to:

  1. Improve consistency from one provider to the next.

  2. Develop clear expectations for work that relfects both compliance and quality.

  3. Provide structured opportunities for staff to reflect on their own work.

From the presentation The Rubric Roadmap: Your Guide to High Quality FBAs/Function-based BIPs & IEP Guidance by Renee Thelen, Abbey Miz, and Shannon Shy. Presented at the MASSW Conference, 2020.